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Nana’s Mavins are a group of exceptional students who have overcome significant life challenges and dream of bettering the world. They embody the values Nana Pat cherished most - hard work, perseverance and a desire to give back to their communities.  A “mavin” is a trusted expert or connoisseur who is “dazzlingly skilled” in their field. Synonyms include virtuoso, superstar, champion and ace. Nana Pat certainly was all these things in her many professional pursuits. She never boasted about her achievements but perhaps quietly acknowledged herself as a “mavin,” naming several of her companies using the word.  Throughout Nana Pat’s life, she was steadfast in her passion for helping young, driven students with financial need pursue an education so that they could, with a bit of mentorship and support, become mavin’s themselves. She did this for countless students in her hometown of Oakland, California, and countless more in the Wakefield community through the Lapan College & Career Club. Nana’s Mavins proudly continues her legacy, to date having given more than $2 million in tuition, books, room & board, immigration assistance, interest-free loans and more to this inspiring group of students. We hope you will take time to get to know them and their stories. Mavins are selected by the executive board of the Lapan Sunshine Foundation, which prides itself on maintaining a deep, personal relationship with each individual Mavin.