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The 2024 Lapan Leadership Summit is coming up August 6th-9th.
Become a sponsor or RSVP to attend the event on August 9th!


2023 Lapan Leadership Summit

Lapan Sunshine Foundation
2023 Lapan Leadership Summit
2023 Lapan Leadership Summit

2023 Lapan Leadership Summit

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Lapan Summit 2022

Lapan Summit 2022

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First Annual Lapan Leadership Summit, 2021

First Annual Lapan Leadership Summit, 2021

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The Lapan Leadership Summit is an annual three-day workshop designed to better prepare our rising college freshmen for their higher education journey and connect them with mentors in their fields of study. Culminating with a showcase for the local business community, students emerge with essential knowledge, business connections, newfound confidence and a wealth of internal and external resourcing to help navigate the unique challenges that first-generation, low-income students encounter as they set off for college. The statistical rate of college graduation within six years for first-generation, low-income students hovers at a dismal 14%, and when they do graduate, they often still struggle to find jobs because they do not have connections in their fields of interest. While the Lapan College & Career Club alumni graduation rate is closer to 50%, we have continually questioned what more we could do to help our students use the money they’ve earned to complete their secondary education and transition into their career choice. Our “aha” moment came in 2020 when with just one phone call, we were able to help a student who - despite an Ivy League education, a master’s degree in progress and multiple prestigious internships - had not been able to find a position. Despite our students receiving quality education and the financial opportunity to even the playing field, they still needed role models, connections in their field of interest and the confidence to pursue their dreams. At the Lapan Leadership Summit, students attend an array of workshops, hear keynote speakers, meet local business leaders from similar backgrounds, connect with Lapan alumni volunteers who sat in their shoes and pair with mentors in their field of interest to support them in their transition to higher education and the professional world. The Summit culminates at the Showcase & Business Community Mixer, where the local community can meet these amazing students and become part of their inspiring journeys.

Lisa Lapan leading a session
Students practicing presenting
Workshop 1
Dr. David Lapan speaking
Workshop 2
Students practicing speaking
Local business presenters
Students being presented
Student networking at mixer
Students being presented
Student speaking
Student speaking at mixer
Students presenting


The Summit comprises three days of workshops and keynote speakers, culminating in a showcase presentation and business community mixer on the final day.

Day 1

Day 1 focuses on how students present themselves to the world.


Sessions include:

  • “Powerful Introductions” 

  • “The Social Advantage: Empowering Your Career Through Social Media” 

  • “Dressing the Part” 

The day continues with a shopping trip and group dinner, where students purchase a full professional outfit to wear in their future endeavors. 

Day 2

On Day 2, students begin to look inside the journey they are about to embark on.


Sessions include:

  • “College-opoly,” the culmination of a summer-long budgeting exercise

  • “What I Wish I Knew” roundtables with recent alumni 

  • “Self-Awareness & Inner Strength,” a deeply impactful session where students confront their fears and recognize the resources they have to overcome them.

Day 3

On Day 3, students begin to interact with the business world.


Sessions include:

  • Business Leaders Panel, with inspiring speakers from our students’ similar backgrounds 

  • Interview Prep Session

  • Networking 101

​The Summit culminates that evening with a Showcase Presentation & Mixer for 150+ local business community members, where students make career connections and pair with mentors in their field.

View Tips, Tricks and Wisdom from Lapan Alumni



Each student at the Lapan Leadership Summit is paired with a sponsor from the local business community who provides the funds to purchase their first complete professional outfit. Students are paired with a sponsor based on similar interests or careers in hopes of forming a long-lasting mentoring relationship, and sponsors accompany them on the shopping trip to help them pick out their new attire. 




After a grueling few days, students don their new clothes and strut their stuff on stage, introducing themselves to an audience of 200+ local business community members. Students show off their “elevator pitches” and interview skills before mingling amongst the crowd, where, armed with business cards, they can make professional connections, find internships and celebrate how far they’ve come. It is an inspiring night for students and audiences alike!


Purchase single tickets, entire tables, sponsor our students and/or the event. Visit our fundraising page to view all of the ticketing and sponsorship options available.

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